The ethereally spacey concluding release off of Röyksopp and Robyn’s mini collaboration EP of “Do It Again” has had an extra electrolicious makeover. To be honest the only ones that could possibly make “Monument” even more magnificent than it already is would be Röyksopp themselves.

Since learning of the duo’s decision to abandon recording long playing album formats, everything thing clicks into place regarding the stance of “Monument” leading from the EP into the album campaign. Guess it was the case we didn’t know though, a few short months ago just how pivotal in significance “Monument” would prove to be. Clues where all there and that, even the snippet of this epic new version which I myself have happily enjoyed listening too over recent weeks, didn’t ring any fore warming alarm bells as to the recent news event by hinting it’s remix title – so cloth brain me!

Hello clues hinted within these lyrics even!

This will be the beacon when I’m gone

So that when the moment comes I can say I did it all with love

To hear this new version of the electric opus play out in full, Röyksopp have fitted it out with a film clip montage shot during the recent “Do it Again” tour. As you can imagine they even manage to do this artily in monochrome, which completely adds to the theatre of it all.

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