At last Røyksopp and Robyn up the ante on the simply stunning visuals that accompany the ethereally spacey track “Monument” off the mini EP collaboration of “Do It Again”.

These visuals serve as the parting shot finale in the round of promotion for the collaborators successfully celebrated release and pave the way in readiness for Røyksopp’s upcoming new album.

All seems so much more coherent with the addition of these deeply meaningful visuals, quite that it feels much like a soul free-falling via an out of body experience.

The best insight upon the process of thought and production that have gone into the making of this epic short visual is given by the artists, director, choreographer themselves that have worked in conjunction with the production via VICE + Intel’s The Creators Project and can be found in the very interesting accompanying behind the scenes presentation. All of which is additionally well worth a look over and not a skip over by any means.