It’s been two years since pop upstart, Rilan came to our attention with the fully-fledged, dance banger of a track called “Blindfolds“. The former Glee warbler had arrived and was ready to make his voice heard as a singer-songwriter and his 90’s club influenced track was just, the fire to light the flame on his foray into electronic pop. After a period of quiet, the multi-talent comes back into the spotlight again through his latest power charged offering “MoneyTalk” which also comes supported by a fashion-forward music video. Set to define him as an artist who bridges the gap between the underground and the mainstream.

Choreography and fashion continue to play important, roles for Rilan. As a completely independent artist bringing his creative visions and larger than life persona, to notice he conceptualises everything with a keen eye for detail, fancy footwork and dynamic melodies. His retro-glam approach to 21st-century music has an undeniable fresh undercurrent. What might be mistaken for appearing bravado are in actuality, serious musicianship and the electro-pop artists, artistic streaks pushing forward. And, best explained by the incredibly important meaning behind the song. Lyrically, it is a tiny bit, ironic towards the influences of social media. With a strong message that we shouldn’t seek the approval of others and even worse change our physical appearance. Rilan’s view is, “that you are so, much better being YOU.”

The rising stars statement-making pop on “MoneyTalk” gets straight to the crux of the matter. The single delivers passionate, concept-driven, 80’s influenced electronic-pop which is articulate and captivating. If there is a fresh new artist who can turn heads as well as change perceptions, Rilan is on the hot tip as, an exciting musician foremost and leading figurehead.

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