Photo: Märta Thisner

The clocks ticks steadily on towards the impending release of Swedish pop artist Beatrice Eli’s debut album titled “Die Another Day”.

We can deduce from the dramatically announced title that Beatrice isn’t going about it in any half measured fashion, not that this has ever been the approach of the up-and- coming popstar, as she has always shown herself to be visionary yet focused in her transitioning of music development.

From coming to notice through a period etched in brooding melancholy lifted off of the “It’s Over” EP, Beatrice remerged from the studio wilderness just a few short months ago trailblazing a provocatively invigorating new sound introduced via the unequivocally confessional alternative pop anthem “Girls”.

Yeah Beatrice is OUT everybody! reinforcing and taking up the momentum set up from “GirlsBeatrice amps up the pace on the pre-album single choice “Moment Of Clarity”. Although, it might not first appear so, from it’s punchy beat fired bass-line and almost punk expressed vox “Moment Of Clarity” is actually what I’d consider to be Beatrice’s most pop-centric effort to date. Stay with it and you will hear it gradually permeate forwards to claim it’s pop driven identity and when it does, your fate will be swept up within it’s pulsatingly intoxicating fusion of pronounced rhythm.

That all said, Beatrice has always been and remains an artist that I have looked to in giving the music sphere something diverse and innovatively outreaching to engage with. She sets her own unorthodox precedent, rolls with it and arrives out the other side with an enticingly diversified platter of alt-pop gems that no-one else but Beatrice would be suited to so adeptly develop and perform.

Bring on the album, Bring on more girl liberated video’s!