It’s by no sheer coincidence that James Hersey’s “Miss You has been gathering traction of acclaim since if first made an appearance this summer.

The Austrian singer/songwriters debut release is one of lushly strewn electronics teamed with vocals given of greatly emotive feeling which together make for, instantly enveloping appeal overall. So much so that the heat on this elegant sonic gem continues to burn on.

As this lovelorn electronic sonnet unrelentingly charms its way into warranted placement on Spotify playlists from the UK to the USA through to Canada where it is particularly enjoying stellar levels of streaming success. An arty video treatment has just been unleashed. Cleverly tying in with the reflective theme of the song about missing someone when they are not around. The visual under the direction of Schall & Schnabel who are joined in co-editing assistance by James himself, implement the use of mirrors to give a symbolic sense of looking into the future and feeling a connection like a telepathic bond intensify into an image conjured up by thoughts alone.

This is an excellent and effective video. The surreal referencing especially is totally on point, as it is directly in-keeping with the dream-like state given off by the particularly, sonically alluring make-up of the song. And it’s a pleasingly aesthetic treat for the eyes to cast a view over too.