Cherubic voiced, young wonder Gabrielle Aplin has undergone quite a reinvention over recent times and it seems the songstress has entered into a pleasing electronic pop domain on her latest single “Miss You”, of which we are quite taken with, at this very moment.

A vision of cute loveliness, Gabrielle lends those dreamily pure vocals of hers into a sweet surprise of a synthy, dance pop number. Word is there is a piano version which is more in-keeping with Gabrielle’s older style, waiting in the wings, that will find its way onto the upcoming EP of the same name, if you go in for the old-school Gabrielle Aplin.

Have to say this, for us this soft focus effort is stoking our fire right now with its wistful and glowing disposition playing a right heart bursting triumph of bittersweet shades and emotively invested engagement in equal measure.

Quite find it to be a subtlety lush little ditty that will envelope you in its beautifully prettied aura of dreamily hypnotic melody to bring some soothing calm into your busy work day.

Oh and the vintage, retro style video clip that supports this is a nostalgically endearing trip down memory lane, back in the day of 1970’s hot looks of fashion consciousness. And it’s giving us serious sparkly jumpsuit envy, we can tell you that much!