This cool trio is avant-pop collective SENSE from France. At first glance, they may look as though they are quite ordinary guys. An interesting fact about them is, Matthieu, Paul and Marius are engineering students who also make music. And another fascinating piece of information about the concept behind the band name and music is, that they are based on the 5 human senses: taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing. The group released their second EP “Taste” in October of last year. My favourite of all the tracks on it is “All Mine” featuring Eleven, (who are a Chicago-based songwriting duo comprised of singer Karis Stephen and producer Blue Bookhard.) As you may have already guessed, each of the tracks on the “Taste” EP emulates various characteristics of this sense. The title track “Taste” focused on salty flavour whereas, “All Mine” is glistening with sweetness.

The clever use of sensual analogies doesn’t stop with the music. When you consider this is their debut music video. These guys have acted pretty savvily when it to came to making the video for “All Mine.” They filmed it in a 70s retro diner! Instead of making us watch them chow down platefuls of their breakfast and dinner. They have set up their keyboards with collaborators Eleven for a bit of a music session. A cute, synchronised dance routine also happens as well. For once, unlike many other attempts by other musicians. This visual treatment set in an eatery is highly original. “We had always dreamt to record something in the vein of “Back to the Future,” – SENSE.

I am a fan of the band’s quirky eccentricity and the way they are beginning to carve out a boundary-pushing reputation. The “Taste” EP which bursts at the seams with super slick boogie is the place where you can currently witness them further develop their electronic credentials. The band aims to have each following EP focus on a specific sense and emulate its characteristics. For sure, “All Mine” is the stand out track of the EP for me, it is pleasing from every creative angle. Sense are not a band who stand out in an obvious way, what they are doing is subtle and clever. There are stirrings of cool credibility here, which I am confident will only grow with them, release by release.

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