Neon Hitch

Colourful pop maverick Neon Hitch returns not with an outlandish dollop of feisty pop glitter but with a stunning ballad in tow actually.

The NYC residing British expat forges an evocative soundscape around her latest single “Midnight Sun” effortlessly gliding into a voluptuously sensual love ballad with a Marilyn Monroe sample thrown in for good measure.

Midnight Sun” is a definite turn in versatility for the rising pop star, in that it exposes an endearing sensibility of vulnerability and yet is poignantly strong in its provocative hypnotic draw and artistic vision.

Taking the visual lead from Marilyn into her video, Neon accessories herself in pearls and pins her curls softly into the archetypical vision of Monroe, as we witness her cavort with a secret liaison whilst she laments upon a sense of emptiness and a longing for meaningful and fulfilling relationship.

Scrub everything that you’ve heard from Neon Hitch before, as this is truly next level in awesome for the budding pop starlet.

Poignant, intense and passionate.  Who knew Neon had it in her.  We certainly do now and it’s quite something breathtaking.

Midnight Sun” can be found on Neon’s FREE EP “Happy Neon” that was recently issued for her fans in light of the debut album being shifted back – now also streaming below for your listening pleasure with the FREE DOWNLOAD available via the Neon Hitch website.