Photo: Meredith Truax

You need search no further for an excellent new album than that of Tyler Glenn’s confessional pop opus “Excommunication”.

In its journey through dark and light, “Excommunication” drops in on delicate topics with the bare bones of it built around Tyler’s spiritual upbringing as a Mormon through to questioning his spiritual beliefs upon ‘coming out’. It is not only a fight to have his voice heard but of challenges, struggles and ultimately the seeking of acceptance but a full range quota of emotions too. Nothing is too precious for Tyler or too raw a topic to be thrown a spotlight upon but equally it’s one of the most honest and strongly heartfelt concept albums that will definitely make you take a look at your own life and what you might need to iron out in it.

There are some truly epic electronic pop numbers that examine the psyche and act like empowering anthems. Then there are poignant, reflective interludes such as the soul-baring power ballad “Midnight” that cut through with a blast of intensity and questioning.

What is more Tyler Glenn has been nothing but fearless and openly courageous in the making of “Excommunication”. A courageousness of such which is magnified in evidence in the impassioned and soul-stirring, black and white themed video clip which now supports “Midnight”. It’s also one of the most sincerely delivered vocals and stunning emotional performances we’ve seen and heard in a long time.

In watching this you WILL be shook by how god damn powerfully affecting all elements of the words, music and visuals are, having been consolidated together with such faultless execution throughout.