Serebro 3

Kooky pop song alert!

Apparently the wacky bubblegum pop diddy “Mi Mi Mi” by the Russian girl group Serebro was released to Europe at the tail end of last summer, having gone scorchio on the Italian hit parade. I’ll be honest, I hadn’t heard a whiff of promotion on this track to the UK market, but am now advised by one of our US PR contacts that it’s been now been unleashed stateside.

Eurovision nuts, might remember Serebro from their entry of punchy pop tune “Song #1” that placed 3rd at the 2007 contest, although those former upstart antics are shelved for now in exchange for a frothier, sexier outlook on the euro-pop trashtastic “Mi Mi Mi”.

Being that the perky pop song is continuing to trail blaze its goofiness across the globe and case being that it also very much takes up a plot in the like it or loathe it, music category, added to the fact that its neigh on hard to ignore. I felt that in these low-light dark winter times that a blast of pop sunshine however, dizzy, it is worth a spin and a mention, since sometimes it is the case with tracks of this ilk, that they loop back on themselves and pick up notice a few months down the line, especially since “Mi Mi Mi” was delivered to the UK in September doesn’t discount that there is every possibility it might kick up a return in time for this impending summer.

Anyways there’s no doubt that a daily mantra of the hook line of “mi mi mi, only mi, mi, mi,mi,mi, sexy mi” however, egotistical it might carry itself, handled with appropriate caution equates as a boost of happy serotonin.