The background information supplied to us with regards to electronic pop newcomer Beca, details that the artiste hails from L.A by way of NY. Although, having just seen Beca’s futuristically glamtastic video for new single “Meteor” I would beg to differ actually, as she appears naturally at home down by the sea resplendent in sexy space-age attire.

These visuals are made to dazzle and dazzle they will, as there is enough twinkle and sparkle going on here to cause a world shortage of body glitter!

Yes Beca’s gone for the shimmery look in a BIG way, just stopping short of out dazzling the song “Meteor” to which these visuals act in accompaniment too.

The track itself is giving all sorts of cosmic nu-disco realness and in another place in time Beca would not have been seen as being out of place if she’d won a spot in the celebrated early 80’s dance troupe Hot Gossip, who took to our telly boxes on the best night of the week, Top Of The Pops night.

For all the hit of EDM that “Meteor” gives, this release might equally have easily been mistaken as something lurking in Little Boots archive, as there is something boots tremblingly ‘Earthquake’ era clocking up on my bat earred radar.

Maybe you’ll find it somewhat supersonically taking you to an otherworldly prism of Roisin glitterball ‘Overpowered’ disco splendour too.