Asher Monroe

We have keenly watched Asher Monroe ascend to the heights of pop stardom over the past couple of years but I think he’s just gone that little bit further into the pop starry heavens on his latest release “Memory” having scored the pop illuminati light of Chris Brown on board, not only in a singing capacity, but putting all of his learned pop talents into use; co-writing “Memory” with Asher and directing the video also.

The pairing have dropped this upbeat love anthem like it’s hot and I can’t deny that it rather is! repleat with infectious hooks, a bounding bassline, and a gleaming guitar carried embellished topline, the double-act ignite “Memory” into a power dance track with their urban suited silken harmonies and soaring falsetto highlights that traverse in listener engagement at the pace of light quickening speed.

Brought to life with an accompanying video which is a sight for sore eyes, ordering in a carnival of light FX, lasers and fit beauties to enhance but not outshine neither of the pop super troopers.