This is an impressive debut offering from Oxford’s Ex-Little Fish now reincarnated as Candy Says.

The effectiveness of Lo-fi idiosyncratic personality on their jaunty pop ditty “Melt Into The Sun” is for one thing infectiously cool and for another thing uncannily glowing with a Scandinavian aura around it. Having no further details I’m not sure why this is the case, no matter I’m heartily enjoying it.

Whilst we’re all versed with the turn of phrase make love not war, “Melt Into The Sun’s” accompanying VT is more Strictly Come Boxing, sub-headed don’t fight, just tango. Anyway it all has a message, which will become abundantly clear once played out, but overall “Melt Into The Sun” proves provocatively entrancing from it’s dainty soundtrack all the way through its inspiringly charming VT .