You can disagree with me, but I think there are a lot of things to say about this week’s pop releases when Ava Max drops the hottest song by far. Am I being a little unfair? Cards, on the table, in the past, I haven’t been the biggest fan of the global pop sensation. How can Ava change that around for me? Does the answer lie with the new single “Maybe You’re The Problem,” the first taste of Max’s highly anticipated second album?

In truth, Ava has batted off a lot of flack from the critics and cynics. Her pop tracks are labelled as contrived and bland. Her 2020 track “Kings and Queens” caused a ripple of excitement in me. But once again, the anthem takes cues from the biggest stalwarts of pop. In fairness, much of the track’s appeal derives from ABBA‘s influence. My opinion is that Ava, Cirkut, and RedOne aimed high with that one and brought it home.

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It is the beginning of a new chapter for Ava. Is she still up to her old tricks, or did she learn some new ones? Spending some time with “Maybe You’re The Problem“, the simple answer is yes and no. Stylistically, team Ava Max has looked further afield than the Swedish pop sound replicated in her early work. Although they have only broadened their horizons as far as Denmark, I might add. I cannot be the only person to detect some chirpy Alphabeat like flair poking through this track. Actually, I do not mind these references to the most successful Danish pop group ever. I am in favour of it.

“Everyone always says ‘it’s not you it’s me,’ but sometimes the problem really isn’t me, it’s you!!” Ava shares about the song. 

I am beginning to think this song could contain a double message. As we look at the lyrical narrative, it draws attention to the toxicity within relationships. Could she also be saying those that criticise her music are the ones with the problem? Because ultimately, the opinion of critics does not matter to her? Her strength lies in the familiar. Now that is an interesting thought. Ponder it!

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