A little bit of chocolate, and a splash of wine is sometime all it takes to turn on a significant other. Some of the naughtiest trysts have come out of this Valentine’s Day weekend. When it comes to turning up that heat for that loved one in your life, try skipping the Marvin Gaye and Barry White mumbo jumbo for once. It gets old! Try a little Ukrainian electropop with the hunky Max Barskih’s new video & single ЗАЙМЕМСЯ ЛЮБОВЬЮ (translated: Make Love).

Max Barskih is no stranger to making some of the most visually stunning and purely cinematic masterpieces to accompany his music. With his latest Make Love, you’re taken on a journey of pure lust as Max describes his deepest desires. Don’t be afraid of the semi misleading intro in which you’re introduced to a shirtless Max sprawled across the floor. We don’t get to see much more action than that (unfortunately!). From after that intro you’re placed into Max’s visual perspective. Throughout the scenic Los Angeles surroundings you’re taken on a journey to what leads up to their steamy connection.

The deeper you listen to the track, the lyrics become more and more descriptive of their physical connection about to occur… (Translated)

Our bodies, naked and in unison.

I’m getting closer and closer to you.

To hear and listen to the love breathing.

And the root in you dissolve, lips touching.

The skin, under the skin of the hand.

Make Love is not your typical sensual tune as it takes that slow paced typical R&B/pop and throws it right out the window. With an upbeat synth as the driving force it introduces a feeling over the track that tells a story that doesn’t start in the bedroom. It certainly ends up there but there is always a story before any action takes place, just look at the classic films. It takes that naughtiness out into the open, like the floor of a dance club where many hook ups do occur.

Just keep in mind, if you want to Make Love to anyone. Keep it safe!