Charismatic in equal parts eye candy and sensuously sumptuous affected melody.

Romanian beauty Antonia is brought to our attention by Private’s Thomas Troelsen, who has written and produced the sultry summery sizzling chilled out tune “Marabou”.

In addition to Antonia’s tranquilly attractive whispery vocals, strike up an accordion, some suitably frothy lapping waves samples and we have a tune of European Parisian flair that will instantly transport you bare foot on the beach, strolling along the shoreline hand in hand with your holiday romance, feeding dreams and making memories.

Well that is, if you can first find the resolve to break off from being transfixed by looking at Antonia’s prolonged alluring doe eyed glances and her suggestive self sweeping body caressing.

What a minx she’s turned out to be disguised in a sleek cosmopolitan package.

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