Last year, I was introduced to the electro-pop artist MkX and was immediately captivated by his track “Bright Side.” I was drawn in by his unique style and eagerly anticipated his next release. Finally, a few days ago, the wait was over as his latest single”Man on a Mission” dropped. Furthermore, it did not disappoint.

MkX, as a solo artist, has a music style that draws parallels with the energetic and harmonious sound typically associated with boy bands. This aspect of his music initially captivated my interest. While the full extent of this resemblance may not have been immediately evident in his “Bright Side” release. This becomes more pronounced and compelling in his latest offering, “Man On a Mission.”

The electro-pop track “Man On a Mission” pulsates with sleek, futuristic elements both in its musical composition and visual presentation. It intricately weaves a narrative of authenticity, determination, and artistic freedom, with its lyrics penned by MkX, Myah Marie, and Brandon Colbein, and expertly produced by MkX himself. The song’s captivating hyper-pop sensibility propels it forward, evoking a distinctly nostalgic vibe reminiscent of the 80s era.

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The music video for “Man on a Mission,” directed by the renowned Scott McCullough, celebrated for his award-winning work with Prince, masterfully embodies the song’s dark, sleek, and futuristic aesthetic while subtly incorporating elements of 80s nostalgia. Fashion played a pivotal role in MkX’s vision for the music video, driving him to meticulously search the internet and the streets of LA for distinctive pieces that perfectly aligned with this vision. These carefully curated fashion choices not only pay homage to 80s pop music. But also contribute to MkX’s unmistakable fashion sense, resulting in his truly unique and captivating presence.

MkX cultivated a persona that embodies the traits he aspires to possess, encompassing visual and auditory art, fashion, attitude, and confidence. He meticulously shaped an identity that epitomizes his ideal self. Through venturing beyond his comfort zone, he ultimately evolved into this persona. The ‘X‘ symbolizes self-expression through art, and he advocates for individuals to explore their own ‘X‘. MkX discovered his and pursued it with unwavering determination.

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