Seems that we were way ahead in our thinking in recognizing that Australian electronic pop trio SAFIA should light up the world with their creatively engaging cuts of electromagnetic turned soundscapes. Being that we called the outfit out as ones to watch last year.

It seemed to me at the time that SAFIA were just beginning to take their material to the next level audience anyways, as they were heading out stateside as part of their first international tour while securing the crucially important festival slots at SXSW & CMJ.

Now is the time that the UK are to feel the heat proper on SAFIA though, as the promotional trail is to bring them over to these shores for the UK headline tour – June 14 through June 20.

Ahead of these dates, the band have already dropped EP “Embracing Me” on us and are now taking things to a visual level by directing us over into the chillingly dramatic video for “Make Them Wheels Roll”.

As befits the magnitude of atmospherically sonic intensity in which “Make Them Wheels Roll” is doused in, the accompanying film clip embeds a presentation which encapsulates pent-up frustrations that can be contained no more, boiling over to tread the thin line of fortune. However, for all the dramatically affecting impact the visual clip gives out, it throws its biggest spotlight back onto the sinuously met superb level of musicianship, lyricism and vocal delivery at hand.

And SAFIA tell us they make music we can dance too? Well they do!, just on “Make Them Wheels Roll” they decided to show a greater extent of where their development in artistry can go to.

Be gripped by this emotionally stirring 4 minute clip to the last and you’ll sure feel a shiver or two make their way right up your spine.