MaJiKer's new video to "Flesh And Bone" is just full of fancifull deliciousness.  It's a touching downtempo electronic ballad that really is nothing short of mesmerizing.  I was just sent MaJiKer's new album "Body-Piano-Machine" and it's a poignant work of experimental electronica, with ever-so-slight tinges of industrial mixed in with a heaping dose of French sensibility - that too is out next month. 

I will continue to say that track "Strings And Wires" continues to over-excite me to Imogen Heap proportions.  MaJiKer is definitley doing something right here and I urge you all to support his work.  He's currently gigging in France but I'm told he will be doing a UK show very soon and for sure – EQ will be there.