Fenech Soler

Didn’t we just know that this new album campaign for Fenech-Soler’s sophomore album, now unveiled, as “Rituals” would be just kicking with their precision piqued electro infused indie-pop.

Preceded by two stellar introductory teasers, the thunderously synth glorious “All I Know” and the evocatively lush sonic soundscape of “Maiyu”, Fenech-Soler add more heat in delivering “Rituals” debut single “Magnetic”.

Whereupon F-S’s signature sound is given a juicy injection of exhilarating, frenetic  pop lustre and summery fist pumping vibe.

To my mind, the bands self-titled album remains an eponymous body of work, a timeless classic, which has seen a lifetime of loving plays by me personally, a factor which initially at that time set my mind to ponder when basking in it’s afterglow can an sophomore similarly carry through in matching that bite of adrenaline steeped indie pop call to arms as delivered it’s predecessor.

The preceding two soundbytes and the unveiling of this deliciously hypnotic debut demonstrate that my concerns were unfounded and that Fenech-Soler are definitely to be seen as a band stamped with longevity.