Brooke Fraser

New Zealander Brooke Fraser has turned out a pristine pocket of alternative /electronic spliced pop in promotion of her latest album “Brutal Romantic”.

The former folk artist has stepped out of the box to become embraced with the sounds of electronica. What’s more, this eclectically electric collection is now headed up for a European release, UK inclusive, this coming April.

What can be expected of this LP is nothing short of a collage positioned of visionary seeking indie pop, guided for the most part, by an eclectically evolved electronic heartbeat.

Basically to my mind, via the snippets I’ve listened too, “Brutal Romantic” is the kind of album I would have much preferred Mz Marina (and The Diamonds) to have sought some kind of similar direction in going a third round with upcoming album FROOT.

Anyways to mark the impending European release of Brooke’s unexpected electronic epiphany “Brutal Romantic” is now available for pre-order with the tracks “Psychosocial” and “Kings & Queens” allocated as the instant grat treats.

Whilst another of its very good numbers (probably the most magnificent if honest!) the euphorically gravitated “Magical Machine” is glorified with space travel themed visuals and Brooke taking the lead as probably one of the most beautiful astronauts we have ever seen. An interplanetary Goddess even!