Get your glitter shakers at the ready for the return of the Glambassador, Boogaloo Stu.

Now to be fair the King of sequins and purveyor of sparkle pop has been off of our radar for way too long, and seriously there’s been no-one to match up to Stu’s candy coloured whipped-up do to pass any interest in the hair stakes, let alone entertain us with divinely swooshy pop nuggets of glam-wave than the inimitable DIY popstar.

This turn around Boogaloo Stu keeps his magnetic heart covered up and bares his “Magic Soul” which flutters with the butterflies and all things bright and beautiful in a trippy wonderland of psychedelic auras.

So as it seems, life is a bed of roses for Boogaloo Stu, it is replicated and complimented through the soothing synth structure of the track that winds in some Scissor Sisterly shimmer and sumptuously frothy electronic bubbling decadence that pops and fills the air with floral notes of a distinctively purple scented perfume.

Inhale. Exhale. (Collective sigh) Awww.