I have yet to see the audio/visual spectacular that is the broadcast show of the MDNA Tour on EPIX, but as one of the millions of audience members who had the chance to see Madonna’s MDNA Tour live (Dublin, holla!), getting an inside look at how the dancers arrived at Madonna’s world stage is quite fascinating.

In this mini-documentary that Madonna created, you get an inside look at Madonna in full “idea mode” and how the creativity of her unique troupe of dancer’s just oozes out of every pour of their bodies and every fiber of their being. This documentary is really something quite special.

I happened to just stumble upon this clip last night and found myself completely captivated. Almost always, it’s the star of the show that gets all the attention, but it’s nice to see Madonna going as so far as to recognise her dancers, trainers and musicians that went into making the last year’s “greatest show on Earth”.

Head on over to Electroqueer too to see a YouTube clip of Madonna in full humble mode talking about the MDNA Tour.