I really wanted to share the Laoise music video for “Mad” with you, today. The Irish pop talent caught my attention because, she records, produces and releases her music completely independently. I am full of admiration that everything she is doing in music is being done under her own esteem. Additionally, “Mad” is a good electronic pop song. The music video is slick and rather accomplished for an independent artist. While being authentic to the lyrics of the song.

Being introduced to Laoise brought me around to thinking about female Irish pop artists of recent times. Singling out a few. Clearly an innovator, Roisin Murphy. A brilliant songwriter, Dolores O’Riordan. As for the pure pop spectrum, we cannot forget that it was Ireland who gave us B*witched. My memory served findings conclude, it’s been way too long since the Irish ladies have shown the world of pop what they are made of. Maybe a new wave of Irish pop music has been started right under my nose, first with Tara Lee (I wrote about her in August last year) and now Laoise.

Mad” is the lead single lifted-off the singer’s latest EP, of the same name. The track is a gleaming insight into the honest and sincere style of lyricism which the singer explores. Her nice soft voice is kinda, sweet, endearing and mellow. This song also reveals, if you make her mad, she will turn fierce and fight back. (To see how mad she can get, take a look at the video below.) The sugarcoated electronic beats of the melody boast a made in LA vibe. The kind of glittering synthpop you would most certainly listen to poolside. Had I not been told she was Irish, I would have had made an educated guess this track had come from a studio in New York or at least the USA. As there are similarities drawn within the music I am sure “Mad” will also appeal to fans of the synth-pop duo Reyna.

I’m taking note of Laoise right now and you should do the same, she is every inch an up-and-coming, buzz-worthy electronic pop artist. A bright new hope, for sure.

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