Its no secret that I’m what you could say a bit of a fan of South African electro pop artist Nic Billington, basically since Nic’s debut album “Overload” continues to serve up the goodness via its array of impressive upbeat dance pop suited melodies a good 18 months since its release.

Simply being as there is much potential single material within Nic’s long playing debut, he can comfortably accommodate multiple single releases along with a few extra eye-catching visuals thrown into the promotion set-up of the album for good measure. Seeing as Nic has got the handsome looks on his side as well, its no bad thing that we are treated to an additional side of visual promotion.

So Nic has reached out into his rather splendid debut album deciding to work some visual action upon the dizzying electro-pop diddy “Mad Chick”. You can take from what is suggestive of that title, that the track is all about getting involved with a crazy ass gurl, who at first appears as quirky and fun to be around only then for the kooky persona to wear thin a little and become a touch too whack to be coping with, only try as you might to shake them off they still hang around.

This is a visual with an emphasis shaded on Aqua like Barbie and Ken style fun with glamour model turned singer Naomi Das taking on the role of “Mad Chick”. It’s actually quite a super dooper light-hearted and humorous representation of the song from the drop-dead gorgeous duo of Nic and Naomi.

Oh and it’s a pink tinted kooky kind of world they live in, just in case anyone has an aversion to all things pink you have been warned!