Australian pop sensations Sheppard who we interviewed at British Summer Time Festival in 2017, had a massively productive 2020. They saw through their plan of dropping a new track every month which has ultimately culminated in the release of the third album “Kaleidoscope Eyes.” The making of the album was a sobering experience for Brisbane’s premier pop exports. While away from touring and the glare of the spotlight, the Sheppard siblings had time to revaluate their phenomenal career thus far. With the new material reflecting this. 2020 has been a real journey of growth and discovering what they want to say as musicians.

“Kaleidoscope Eyes’”has been about that discovery. We know that so many of our fans have been on that same journey with us over the last twelve months as the rolling out of the album has coincided with such a tumultuous time of self-discovery for all of us in world history.” George Sheppard said.

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If you thought the hectic single release schedule Sheppard imposed upon themselves would have the group running out of steam. Think again. Take a listen to their latest upbeat track “M.I.A” which although indicates they might have hankerings to go off-grid for a bit. Nothing of the sort is likely to happen, we think, especially with the prospect of live performance restrictions being relaxed around the globe in the coming months. As a taster of what we can expect from a live Sheppard extravaganza, (if you’ve not been to a gig before.) The band have unleashed the full live stream of their special intimate show playing “Kaleidoscope Eyes” in its entirety and recorded in their home town of Brisbane on 27th, February 2021. (Not a zorb bubble to be seen in the audience, this is how Australia is putting on gigs – there is hope! Get vaccinated kids!)

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