If we turned the clock back to all of one year ago. Chances are you’ll remember us getting heated under the collar with excitement at Sergey Lazarev participating at Eurovision with his awesomely staged entry “You Are The Only One”. Even though the outcome of the contest was not how we would have liked it to be, with an outright win for Sergey. Soon after, our favourite Russian heartthrob settled back into delivering shiny new pop songs accompanied by humourously sparky music videos.

And it appears that this is a trend in which Sergey is relishing, because he’s continuing to embrace his playful streak on the film clip of new single “Lucky Stranger”.

Something tells me that after being under the gaze of the international spotlight last year, there is a degree more importance to have the fresh material released in the mother tongue of Russian as well as in English. This has always been the way for Sergey, but rather than wait for an English version of the songs to arrive some months to a year or more down the line, there has been a little comprise on this new single. With a combination of both languages making it through to the edit.

The soundtrack here is kinda old skool disco feel, with the instrumentation coming in right on the cusp of the 1980’s. A theme which runs the course of the supporting visual also. As the video is rife with nods to some of the biggest box office grossing movies of the day. Think ‘“Pretty In Pink”, “Back To The Future”, “Grease” and countless others that centred their action around teen relationships and going to the prom.

Look I’m more than happy that Sergey has revisited this early style of disco bop but let’s be honest going so far as bringing back the mullet hairstyle is definitely deemed in the realm of cringeworthy