The music world is a buzz with excitement about Romy, the co-vocalist and guitarist of The xx, and her debut solo project. She’s shared a taste of what’s to come in the two tracks, “Strong” and “Enjoy Your Life.” I had a feeling that an album announcement was imminent. It turns out I was right! Romy’s first album, “Mid Air,” is set to drop on September 8 via Young. Along, with the announcement came the premiere of the Fred Again… produced opening album track “Loverher“. Above all, an announcement like this coming just before Romy’s Glastonbury show on the “Stonebridge stage,” has me naturally curious.

Loveher” is a distinctly special song, notably because it evolved during a writing session where Romy and Fred were penning songs for other artists. It is a declarative pop song about the intimacy of falling in love with a woman. A proud and positive queer love story. Romy has shared that this track was the beginning of the album and was a pivotal moment in its creation. “Fred asked me, who could this be for?… and, I tentatively said… ‘maybe me?.’” It is exciting seeing such an honest and important viewpoint shared through music.

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Romy adds: “Mid Air is an album about celebration, sanctuary and salvation on the dance floor. It’s an album that deals with love, grief, relationships, identity and sexuality. A love letter to the queer clubs where I’ve found community and connection.”

I agree the track “Loveher” is a powerful and emotionally charged opener for an album. In fact, I think that if it were not for the previous songs, “Strong” and “Enjoy Your Life,” listeners might be led to believe “Mid Air” is more of a dreamy and ambitious project in the musical vein of the latest Everything But The Girl album “Fuse“. However, Romy has clarified that “Mid Air” does not document a coming-out story in particular. Yet is notably a coming-through album that will take listeners on a journey through grief and heartache, towards euphoria.

From what I have heard so far, (having listened to the focus songs), I think the album will cast a hypnotic spell over us, in any case.


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