German punk-rock band Tokio Hotel have been away from the spotlight since 2009’s release of Humanoid, but the “Automatic” rockers, fronted by the androgynous Bill Kaulitz, have returned with their fifth full length studio album, Kings of Suburbia, which represents somewhat of a reinvention for the group. Lead single “Love Who Loves You Back” dives into the 80s electro territory while still able to please those die-hard fans.

Sporting a more mature look (platinum blonde hair included) and incorporating an intriguing seductive vocal performance, Tokio Hotel is keeping listeners on their toes with the catchy new single. “Go throw your arrows, hit them hard, if they don’t react, love who loves you back,” lead singer Kaulitz belts on the slinky chorus.

To support “Love Who Loves You Back“, the boys have taken their sexual adventures and escapades underground with a dark and gritty music video which showcases a hot and heavy orgy… sounds like fun. With men and women vying for Kaulitz’ touch and attention, the visual gets pretty steaming, especially one particular scene in an elevator. It’s nice to see the group grow up, showing the world the men they have become.

Kings of Suburbia is an anticipated release from a band with a devoted following. “Love Who Loves You Back” represents a natural change for Tokio Hotel, giving listeners the perfect taste of what is still to come from the talented group.