Once labeled “the male Lady Gaga” by his manager Akon, former MySpace celebrity and recent Konvict princess Jeffree Star is building up momentum toward the release of his full length sophomore album, Concealer, set for a release later this year.

Love To My Cobain“, the upcoming effort’s lead single, is a departure from Star‘s previous horror-pop creations, such as “Beauty Killer” and “Get Away With Murder“, as it gives the details of a harmful relationship. One where both parties stay when the obvious answer is to leave. The recently premiered music video, directed by Laurieann Gibson, showcases a drop-dead gorgeous Star working the camera for all he’s got, while two lovers deals with the ups and downs in accompanying scenes.

You are the pin in my grenade, Can’t pull you away, And you’re no good for me baby“, the artist sings as his unique look will have those not familiar with his past work glued to the computer screen. As an artist, even though he still may rely on his shock value a tad bit, it seems Jeffree is really embracing the idea a full-fledged recording career, evolving as a serious artist, slowly but surely.

The only downfall of the new, soap opera-inspired music video? Not nearly enough Jeffree to be keep us satisfied!