Tensnake 1

Germany’s current top flight DJ/producer whiz Tensnake precedes his highly anticipated album debut of “Glow” by first introducing a slinky cut of disco funkiness, assisted by the legendary King of disco Nile Rodgers and classically accomplished musician turned in demand dance vocalist Fiora Cutler.

Love Sublime” results in Tensnake’s signature deep house grooves being overlaid with the distinctive stylised patter of Nile Rodgers funkadelic bass slaps and helmed by Fiora’s boundlessly soul soaked vocals.

A three way combination that heats up the disco thermometer into a mercury meltdown of funkaliciousness.

Whilst the video takes in a blink or you’ll miss it cameo of Nile, the flick centres around two youngsters that are seemingly brought together by forces of the universe, and connect over a tempting platter of iced donuts.

Laid out in storyboard terms it could be figuratively be thought of, but DOH! no it’s not part of plot line of a new episode of the Simpsons, not a can of Duff beer to be seen!