Warren Nomi 2

The electro pop persona of Warren Nomi is no stranger to the pages of EQ, being that we have championed both of the Nomi duel pop personalities (the other pop face being that of Nomi Madness?).

Our most recent feature regarding Warren concerned “Love Out Loud” a track that a one point was destined for Cher’s album “Closer To The Truth” and which Warren went on to put to good use in the support of anti-bullying causes.

The catchy club beat direction of “Love Out Loud” goes hand in hand with the empowering and thought provoking subject matter of overcoming adversity and ultimately coming through as a survivor.

Not only is it that “Love Out Loud” plays a part in raising awareness whilst giving strength and hope through it’s core message, it is also very much to be seen as a celebratory and victoriously triumphant pop package overall.

Now served with a video, the message is reinforced directly by Warren with a bag full of confidence and his beaming smiley chops reaching out from the to camera visual.

It all goes a long way in support of staying true to yourself whilst further recognising that life is for living.