Yes Hailee Steinfeld, we’re looking at you, looking at us like butter wouldn’t melt!

Power to you, you little minx for carving out your debut single to the tune of a healthy dose of self loving satisfaction.

The actress turned singer has lit up the music sphere, if you didn’t already know! With this saucy pop diddy “Love Myself” an ode to empowerment which swings more on the sassy sidelines of self guided sexual gratification or in plain speak, more precisely the topic of masturbation.

So assumingly Hailee’s revealing to all and sundry that she’s sexually awakened, well good for her let’s all sing and dance about it!

Whilst, on another note if these lyrics were not so strongly hinted on the explicit, the actual melody hits upon being of quite a generic pop formula.

Bless ya Hailee and your cute service self body suit. Go shout it all out from the rooftops gurl cuz you’ve bagged yourself a global hit song most probably.