We have had more than eighteen months of quarantine songs, and quite frankly, are we not done, done, done with them? I have never been one to dwell on the past. My focus in life instead, deal with the present, look to the future. This is a guide that steers my preferences in new music releases also. The iconic trans artist, singer-songwriter and showgirl Macy Rodman on “Love Me!” is not about to give us a look at how being in isolation was for her either. She is busting out her best electro-pop / club anthem grooves by way of a glitzy offering. That expresses an honest account about hooking up with an ex, only to instantly regret the decision, instead.

I feel like dance music is the release we all need right now. Something to punch the air and leap about to. I am getting this on the Macy Rodman release “Love Me!“. She is giving me the sugary beats I need. And, a power-pop melody befitting of a disco-pop princess, nay queen. The track serves as the first taste of her upcoming album “Unbelievable Animals” out August 27 via Shamir’s Accidental Popstar Records.

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Despite realising the mistake, she made. She has still sprinkled herself in all the glitter she has to hand. Commits to being an icon by putting on her best revenge outfits while going in, for a spot of ‘look at me I am happy dancing,’ dancing. Macy Rodman isn’t telling us anything new with this song, rather than reinforcing what we all know as life-learned lessons. Remember “Love Me!” is just one-twelfth of Macy’s upcoming body of work “Unbelievable Animals“. It balances between themes of her being brutally honest about a break-up and the conditions of the pandemic. Neither being the best of experiences. The positive element comes from the catchy, upbeat melodies which preside over the soundtrack. Macy Rodman made the best music out of her worst experiences, and into, the bargain caught my attention because of being a superstar queen.

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