Winning a TV reality show comes with its pressures, post-win expectations are high, it fairs no different from wherever you are in the world. Alfie Arcuri 2016 winner of The Voice Australia, knows the highs and lows that come with this kind of instant fame only too well. Often it is the case with songs which have been written for you, that they don’t work as well as the ones that you have written for yourself, this is all true of Alfie. The former architect turned singer has begun releasing material as he works on his sophomore album. The songs are of a more personal nature because he has found the confidence to tap into a vulnerable space, this has recently been seen in the success of single “If They Only Knew“, which he aspires to replicate with the release of equality song “Love Is Love“.

The anthem see’s Alfie lending his voice to the LGBTI community as Australia conducts a postal vote with a non-binding ballot on same-sex marriage rights.

On his contribution to the “Marriage Equality” campaign, Alfie has this to say “The time has come for our voices to be heard. This is much greater than just marriage, this is about acceptance and human rights.”

Wouldn’t it be encouraging if this emotionally rallying song became LGBTI Australian’s victory anthem when the outcome of the same-sex marriage rights voting ballot is declared, on November 15th?

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