Ariana Castelli 1

Out singer-songwriter Ariana Castelli has taken to the upbeat and club beat mode of conveying her inspirational and liberating lyrical narratives derived of her own personal life experiences as a member of the LGBTQ community.

Ariana debuts with the powerfully narrative driven club anthem “LOVE is LOVE”, whereupon, it is also somewhat freeing to see Ariana holding down her lyrically on-point outpourings of empowering affirmation to a vibrant and catchy beat. Since, ballads are all fine and dandy and whilst not in anyway wanting to be scoffed at for their part in transmitting such gravitational and motivational substance of thought on this real life topic, we are heading towards summer for sakes, and well aren’t we all ready for something to shift us into the sunshine of moods?

Taking a stride here from Ariana’s message fuelled debut “LOVE is LOVE”, whose core communiqué is that of diversity and acceptance, it also can be adhered to the notion of seeing the light, enlightenment if you will. With that in mind, the message of the track is no less powerful and outreaching for having a bright and sunny club beat to take us there.

Besides the accompanying video offers up an equally empowering visual of story-told awareness which further enforces upon the heartening content expressed by the lyrics, by depicting an interracial couple overcoming parental criticism, as well as a young woman displaying confidence in her sexual identity.