Nic Billington 3

Nic Billington is every way a pop pin-up isn’t he!

We first became introduced by the super hot electro dynamic, skyscraper of a tune “Overload” that debuted earlier this year, which through it’s round of promotion it’s quite safe to say has taken his home side South African pop scene by storm.

Overload” though is just the title track and one glimpse in of Nic Billington’s debut album that’s abundantly weighted by exhilaratingly impressionable electro pop. I know so because I own it and it’s tickled my ears with its eargasmic pop ways for months now.

Just unleashed from the debut pop collection Nic, who rocks it pretty much comparatively as South Africa’s own version of Adam Lambert, follows up and explores his electro-rock tendencies with the equally impressive “Love Bound”.

Here in “Love BoundNic takes the video on a scenic route, through dunes and mountainous terrain in searching for his own Goddess of love. It’s a story board that sounds very much like it would belong to Empire Of The Sun really, but for one thing, as I don’t think for one minute you’d be seeing the Empyrean duo styling the choreography moves in much the same way that Nic and his back-ups bend and shape.

News of another massively electrifying pop track from Nic Billington is indeed a good thing.