Rae Morris 2

I said it countless times over last year, now since her nomination in the BBC Sound Of 2015 poll and the release of her debut album I know it to be unequivocally truth, Blackpool’s Rae Morris is definitely to be considered as one of the UK’s most promising of new emerging artists.

What can be said of debut album “Unguarded” is that it is pretty much flawless from start to finish, featured of alternative pop gravitated ensembles crafted with the singer / songwriters excellently graceful accomplished panache, equating to an absolute joy of a listen. This body of work absolutely singles Rae out at this early stage as being one that exhibits a music career based most certainly around longevity.

We welcomed a complete years’ worth of single releases in the build-up to this January’s album release, and as such I was quite beginning to be of the opinion that all single choices might have been exhausted in the process. As I have since discovered the calibre of “Unguarded” is such that it is deemed rich with possibilities throughout.

A prime candidate nestled amongst the ethereal piqued exquisiteness of “Unguarded” is the more mainstream, pop accented “Love Again” which Rae has now launched before she takes off again for some additional performance dates and promo-ing taking in many festival dates throughout the summer and leading into a more extensive UK tour in the autumn.

If you haven’t checked Rae’s debut album out yet, see that you do so sometime soon. It is a definite triumph for the newcomer. In my opinion, in the Q1 alternative album release stakes, “Unguarded” usurps Marina’sFROOT”. It is really that good.