If you’re not so much into girl bands who are somewhat mainstream and dizzing of pop flavour. Then more likely as not, LA based trio MUNA might be the ones to look to for a hit of dark pop, brewed melodic music making.

These ladies are definitely cause for concern and attention, as MUNA’s approach to pop is seated in a soundscape percolated of exchanges inclined towards indie/rock and electronic experimentation.

There is a definite edginess within MUNA’s music which becomes evident through the display of meaningful lyrics gathered up of a powerful showing of vocal prowess, having the capacity to linger-on far beyond the confines of a 4 minute sound byte.

To date the ladies have rather unjustly earned themselves the gloom pop tag, but when it falls to current focus release and EP title track “Loudspeaker” it gives a whole load of pop metal which is tinged in throwback styling and yet kicking in a fresh-forwards direction.

This empowering track which embodies a message of embracing self-expressionism and over-throwing abusive behaviour at the hands of others, sends out a brief best served by these words:- grab life by the balls and don’t give in to playing the victim.

A good use of pronounced authoritive imagery, in the provocative pop video cements the tone on this.

It really shouldn’t take much more than this to instantly propel MUNA to the top of your new and emerging girl band hit list.