I Am A Camera 1

Here is the first glimpse of new material for this New Year from one of my outright favourite emerging synth pop duo’s I Am A Camera.

Seriously, what Francesca and Ian excel in, time and upon time through their now considerable amount of tracks, is the hint of edginess that mirrors behind their seemingly effortless and stylishly balanced synth driven compositions.

The new cut of work “Lost In Love” in no way differentiates, from I Am A Camera’s run of crisply precise production and overseeing knack for capturing a full-on luminescent melody.

Co-written and co-produced by Jonas Quant whilst recently recording in Gothenburg, Sweden, “Lost In Love” depicts “a dark love song to those poor souls who lose their way and need to be saved”.

Part performance based, the coinciding video also interlaces with a plot line of darkly twisted chemistry which sees Francesca in the role of a socially upper-crust lady that is so filthy rich she is lost to knowing anything of the value of love over material wealth. Whilst, her guardian portrayed by Ian steps in an attempt to rescue her from her self induced hellish entrapment.