It is happening! songwriter and producer Porter Robinson confirmed his sophomore album “Nurture” arrives on 23rd April. The new body of work lands a whole seven years after the Atlanta producers acclaimed debut “Worlds” first made its mark. Making the tricky second album did indeed become a reality for Porter, but he’s pulled through the other side now and put together a follow-up body of work, he’s excited to share. The latest track “Look at the Sky” puts Porter back on our map too. It is back up there in similar stature to his earlier work.

I love the cute piano intro, it hints at how the track started out and adds a few seconds more anticipation for the adrenaline to begin surging at about the same time the synthesizers kick in.

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What are Porter’s intentions with this track? he says…

“I think of the story of human creativity as this beautiful tapestry that each of us is given the very very brief opportunity to sew our own patch onto. The “Look at the Sky” video is about the beauty I find in this cycle. Where the meaning of the song is more directly about the value of hope and resilience in the face of despair, with the video, I wanted to extend the idea of ‘being alive next year’ from being literal into being a metaphor about the things we can contribute to this world that will outlast us.”

So Porter gives us a music video which features a backing band made up of ghosts. All things considered, it was probably the best option and less of a health and safety risk in the current social distance climate. There really isn’t much else left to say about these almost faceless entities. They lend a little bit of otherworldliness, and maybe (I suspect it is) they represent the ghosts Porter had to overcome to make the upcoming album “Nurture“. The lyrics “Everyone knows you’re losing your gift and it’s plain to see. But then something must have changed in me. I don’t fear it anymore” seem to suggest the struggle was a very real one. The outcome is a return to form and a prompt that sometimes shit happens but there is always scope to find your way back. There is no prize for working out Porter has made peace with his ghosts. The reward is the fantastic song itself.

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