In my last blog post about them, I mentioned Tears For Fears song “My Demons,” which comes from their album “The Tipping Point“. They released this video before hitting the road in the UK. That if you didn’t hear about it. Sadly, vocalist Curt sustained an injury (Fractured ribs). It was therefore necessary to cut short the tour. In order that Curt could rest and mend the tour has been on hold. There is a glimmer of hope that touring duties might soon resume for the duo. I am taking it as a sign. In that, they’ve shared a video clip directed by Heather Gildroy & Justin Daashuur Hopkins, this time in support of the track “Long, Long, Long Time.”

As part of their illustrious career, which produced some of the most beloved music of the 80s, Tears For Fears have in my opinion never sounded better than on this song. It’s a special one. In the song. There are times when production reaches almost skeletal levels. Then soft sonic tones sprout up and flesh out the melody with waves of transcendent bliss.

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Reading through the song lyrics for “Long, Long, Long Time,” I feel it is a song written about being stuck in a place and caution but also having a craving to move on. It seems to speak of regaining a sense of adventure that has since been dimmed.

“The higher the mountain, the harder the fall. Turning the corner and looking for signs. You leap in the dark while I wait for the call. It’s been a long, long, long time.”

The visual clip appears to suggest. Perhaps this is a song about two people, once close, that has gotten out of step with one another. Can they make their way back to one another? Reconcile? Should they let go?

I love my synths, but this track is seamlessly both dreamy and lush. While these are not the usual style we would asssociate with the music of Tears For Fears in any of their previous body of work. On “The Tipping Point” this departure from their signature sound of old confirms there seems to be plenty of steam still boiling away in Tears for Fears, yet.

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