Honey voiced pop chanteuse Indiana stormed her way through to the mainstream earlier this year with her delightfully bubbling, sultry and saucy club orientated single “Solo Dancing”, which was only surpassed in an additional measure of suggestive pleasure by it’s provocatively staged innuendo themed video.

That was “Solo Dancing” a slight quirky departure from the signature darkly brooding disco sound that Indiana more commonly drapes around her distinctive softly padded synth-pop style.

In waiting for Indiana’s debut album “No Romeo” to arrive in the New Year cusp, there is time for just one more push release. This is seen through the mellow shimmery strains of beguilingly dreamy new single “Only The Lonely”.

Only, it appears that immediately before making the watery themed video to go alongside this new single, Indiana has dived head first into a glitter pot and got caked in the gleaming dust, either this explains her sparkly appearance or she’s dissolved an industrial strength LUSH bath bomb in the pool with her.