That Girl With Dark Eyes 1

You’ve heard of the expression to cut a rug : meaning to throw shapes on the dance floor but what’s to do when you rip up your fireside rug and drape it over your head and make a pop music video of it? you are quite literally playing a wolf in sheep’s clothing of course!

This is part of the video treatment that goes along with That Girl With Dark Eyes, new single “Lonely As A Wolf” which aside from TGWDE wearing a cloak made of shagpile, also features a room full of mannequins and a rather luminescently chic catsuit, all props that help to establish being in a dream state, – with TGWDE explanatory words on it being: “There’s something truly beautiful about being alone, yet so painful and the video is meant to express this internal battle and how you might drive your lover crazy with your craziness.

Being that TGWDE recorded this track in Barcelona and as much as we are drawn to the Catalonian inspired Dali dreamscape of it, “Lonely As A Wolf” packs a lot of new-wave synth action into it, which we also of course are nodding our electro heads rhythmically in agreement of.

The use of vintage synths creates an essence of 80’s sound but with a contemporary outlook about it. Think upon it as New Order / The Cars jamming with Robyn, an unlikely event in realtime but in the dreamtime of “Lonely As A Wolf” it’s never say never, infact, I think it happens.