If you were to ask us at EQ, to reel off a few names of what our most hotly anticipated albums of the year might be. I can sincerely confirm that “Planet Lovestarr” would most definitely be leading the pack.

Although it’s been no mean feat to put out their debut album. Sarah and Hamish of the Lovestarrs have always had their focus set on paying back their loyal fans (including us) with the long player of perky, pastel pop tunes we’ve so been craving for the longest time. Then just a little over a week ago all the hard work, commitment and sheer determination to realise their goal ultimately paid off as “Planet Lovestarr” was finally released into the open.

Yes we do have a soft spot for this band (we’d be lying if we told you otherwise) but even so when it comes to us recommending great, electronic pop releases to our readers, we are committed to telling you as it is, in our honest opinion. Well I can tell you now that “Planet Lovestarr” is chock full of the snappy, wonky pop ditties (some of which we know quite well and are already well loved favourites of ours, others that are fresh as a daisy new to us) that have had us pumped to the max of hitting the repeat button. So much so in my case that I totally forgot that the new Depeche Mode album had dropped the same day. Somehow another Depeche Mode album didn’t seem so important, and the Lovestarrs deservedly snatched the spotlight from under the modesters grasp.

One of the most electronic pop shimmering moments on “Planet Lovestarr” arrives on the track “London Town” which is as self-explanatory as it sounds. A celebration of living the London city life.

In the wake of the tragic events of the terrorist attack which rocked the capital on March 22nd. The London spirit has never been more in evidence from the city folk in showing these perpetrators of such cruel and unjust crimes that people of London have pluck, will stay strong and jolly well carry on in the same quirky and quintessentially British manner they are fondly loved the most for.

The Lovestarrs didn’t know that this celebratory video of all things London of theirs would be quite as capturing the mood of the nation when they made it. However, this simple effective video now takes on even more purpose and meaning as of now than Sarah and Hamish may have ever imagined!