The Afters

Having just been sent some press on Texas four-piece band The Afters, I’ve become mightily hooked into their rhythmically melodic crafting of pop. Appears I’m not alone in thinking so, because I’ve learned the award winning, seasoned band who have spanned a decade together have scored the honours of having their material featured on the soundtracks of numerous American hit TV shows such as, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, ‘Dr. Phil’ & ‘Army Wives’

A band of pedigree form no less, and of whom I’m just learning of!

What I am clearly recognizing of The Afters, is that they’re the type of band who commit to purposeful meanings behind their songs, giving plenty of food for thought but devoid of provocation. Gripped in heartfelt poignancy and powerful chords of majestically sweeping melody, leading to rousingly rallying choruses. Quite the sum of all the things that my man band, pop dreams are made of.

The afterlife is a subject that none of us mere mortals can in any certainty be sure about, but as human beings I don’t consider that there isn’t one of us (even those that don’t have religion) who hasn’t been struck by a pondering moment as to surmising where we go and what happens after we shuffle off this mortal coil.

From a small age we are filled with stories of a far better place in existence to the world that we live in and as much this is the notion which guides us in times of turmoil throughout life. Only to be raised in higher significance when we lose someone near and dear to us.

This is the exact circumstances in which The Afters have come to write this new track. Concentrating on the hope we cling onto when we are side-lined by painful experiences. Reaching out to the unknown and taking strength in our numbers.

The full package on this highly emotively charged song is matched in spectacle by its impassioned substance and visually stunning thought provoking video, which really hits home fragility of life, that itself can be taken away in as little as a split-second.

Watch. Feel the love. Go hug someone you love.

Post dedicated to James. Someone I met through music, gone to the light. Be at peace. x