The Colourist

New and notable from Orange County, The Colourist jumped up on our radar not so long ago, they brought us a slice of sunshine indie-pop in “Little games” which had me comparing them to Blondfire if my mind serves me right.

Anyway lots of other people have rather liked it too and as such the band has served up a FREE DOWNLOAD of  it onto the Internet, which if you haven’t gotton hold of yet, you can do so HERE.

In other news is it’s also being released as a 7 inch vinyl through “All Things Go” on June 4th,  if that’s your thing.

Just a few days ago The Colourist also made available a promotional video for us to enjoy too, it features flowers, a bee, a burst hose pipe, running taps, smashed plates and a crushed wedding cake.

You should maybe go indie,  do the happy dance and just watch it  for yourselves.