Oh great! How am I so pleased to notice Prides are now really getting into this whole how to make an interesting pop video malarkey.

Obviously at the very beginning the spend budget was a big consideration and I’m sure it still does. However, now we are given more of a glimpse towards connecting with the cheeky personality of the synth-pop trio, much of which has only come through via their handling of their social media to date.

This change first snuck up on “Higher Love” and then “Messiah” thankfully the lads are keeping to the winning formula as they go in on beginning promoting the next single “Little Danger” from their immensely most excellent, super-sized synth sounding debut album “The Way Back Up”.

What is it that Lewis, Stewart and Callum have in store for us this time about on “Little Danger”, aside from the obvious boundless energy of their electronic driven, hook laden melodies that is?

Well in terms of the video and seemingly in their downtime, (as if that happens!) Prides run a café. With Lewis and Callum grafting in the arena of the kitchen cooking up a storm of pies, bacon butties and all day breakfasts leaving Stewart to man the counter and get the orders in from the customers. Only we see that Stu becomes more than a little lovestruck with one lovely wee lassie that pops in for a morning brew, unfortunately as bad luck would have it she’s not on her own. Even worse someone else in the building also has a gun in their pocket and Stewart is not happy to see it at all!

Oh ha, ha that was perhaps going along the lines of the world’s worst attempt at a joke! Who cares because I surely don’t!

As most importantly Prides are pretty much up there residing as synth gods in my estimation.