If there is one emerging artist out there in the realm of electronic pop who is artistically pushing the boundaries and nudging fellow newcomers to sharpen up their game. In my opinion it’s Puzzle. He is in a crazily good league of his own, which only becomes more immense and intriguing with every turn.

Rather than keeping us on tenterhooks, waiting and waiting for the video of new single “Little Black Book” to arrive (which I first brought to your attention only a mere, few days ago). Puzzle has done the deed, might we add very quick smart and dropped the supporting film clip upon the internet.

The creative path on the video follows suit of Puzzle’s keen interest in digital art forms and symbolic, imagery concepts. These digitalized visions show a strong sense of sensuality, whilst retaining the alluring enigmatic like air of mystery of which Puzzle is increasingly becoming renowned for.

Needless to say, we are hooked. We are won over by Puzzle’s undeniable magnetism as the complete “Little Black Book” package is so overwhelmingly potent and intoxicating to electronic pop freaks like us. Puzzle is becoming to feel like one of our brethren. He’s one of our kind!