“We wrote “A Little Bit” about loving someone unconditionally and not thinking about the repercussions or what anyone else thinks. It’s just about doing what you want to do, spreading love and loving who you want to love” explains Catrin and Gethin of the pop duo Dusky Grey. And, they are quite right, there’s plenty of happiness to be found on this new song, as is similarly the case with the Welsh duo’s previous singles “Call Me Over“, “Told Me” and “Joy Ride.”

In my last review of the track “Joy Ride,” I made a reference to a fun vibe, emanating from the pop duo’s richly melodic songs. Something which is now starting to come through in the band’s visuals also. The music video for “Joy Ride” was a super, fun take on a shopping trolley dash. What do we think these cheery folks can up with for “A Little Bit,” their effervescent earworm about unconditional love? There are no second guesses when sun and summer, is in the air. It’s time to call up their friends for a trip to the theme park where they can all have the best time of their lives together.

Fans of the British television soap Hollyoaks might notice an appearance from a special, playmate in this music video. Rising actor and social influencer Amelia Gething joins in with the merrymaking. I understand this clip was filmed at Dreamland – Margate, I must admit given the duo’s Welsh heritage I was hoping it was set in Barry Island, and we’d maybe get some Gavin and Stacey cameo’s if only it might Gwen’s next door neighbour Doris, but obviously, Nessa would have been cracking.

Dusky Grey’s talent is undeniable. I know they have picked up a few major, radio plays already, it surely can’t be long before, daytime radio is all over them. I can definitely see these guys playing the festivals one day.

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